FEMTO LASER 3-axis machine

Advanced µ-machining solutions for high-tech production

Front view of the Posalux FEMTO Laser Mono XY machine
Sketch how works the FEMTO Mono machine

Characteristics :

  • FEMTO source down to 200 fs
  • Light wave length : nIR (1030 nm)
  • 5-axis precession head
  • Vision system, beam attenuator, shutter, beam analyser, power recorder
  • Machine class 1 (I), FEMTO-LASER class 4 (IV)
  • Dedicated multifunctional software
  • Siemens 840 D SL, safety integrated CNC
  • Machine at +/- 1°C, operated in over-pressure

Technical Hightlights :

  • Focal length measurement
  • Interchangeable clamping devices
  • High precision positioning X-Y table (300×300 mm)
  • Camera for repositioning check
  • Dust extraction
  • MONO configuration (prototypes and mass production one head machine)

Product benefits :

  • Repeatability of hole quality
  • Machine calibration accuracy < ± 1 µm
  • Process accuracy ± 2 µm
  • Unequaled productivity with higher yield rate
  • Flexibility (drilling, cutting, turning)
  • Round, square and other hole shapes capability
  • Hole taper control
  • Minimum diameters ⩽ 20 µm with tight hole pitch (wall thickness ⩽ 10 µm)

FEMTO LASER advantages :

  • High repetition rate and excellent beam quality
  • No thermal effects (NAZ)
  • No deposit, no recast
  • Machining of a wide range of materials (ceramics, hard ceramics, polymers, polyimides, etc.)
  • Turning function available for a large range of applications

Quality and expertise :

  • Optical and fiber non-destructive measurement to control hole diameter, shape and positioning
  • 2D video measuring system with image analysis
  • Surface roughness measurement (Confocal Laser 3D)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Study and trials on demand

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