PCB Drilling & Routing

Drilling / Milling / Routing

Mechanical machining Posalux

High-tech 2.5D micro machining solutions dedicated to mass production mainly for electronics market.

Drilling/milling/routing functions sketch for the mechanical machining process


  • Materials : aluminium, PCB, steel, hardened steel, brass, copper
  • Depth controlled drilling and milling process
  • Refered to top/bottom and inner layers

Electronics industry

Printed Circuit Board with micro holes made by mechanical machining
Drill bits used in mechanical machining
Mechanical Drilling Routing and Milling


Dedicated to non-ferrous material in sheets and plates :

  • FR4-based PCBs
  • Metal backed PCBs
  • Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) PCBs


  • X, Y and Z axes with linear motor drives
  • Controlled depth drilling and routing processes (blind holes, floating, mapping, polishing, etc.)
  • Accuracy ±15 microns
  • Axes acceleration up to 4g
  • Diameter/depth ratio 1/10
  • Up to 12 spindles per machine
  • Up to 12’000 tools embedded
  • Software with Posalux intuitive MMI
  • Dual versions with two identical machining units are available


  • Designed for sheet and plate products
  • Hole diameter down to 75 microns
  • High productivity : up to 20 hits/sec/spindle
  • Process stability : temperature management and axis positioning optimization
  • Accuracy improved by alternating drilling and routing on the same machine