Ultimate Machining

ULTIMATE Machining

The ULTIMATE is an innovative 4 and 5-axis machining centre for high speed cutting especially for small work-pieces. Applications are found in the field of automotive- and electronic industries but not limited to.

Why Ultimate ?

ULTIMATE is the answer to many customer requests for a highly productive machining solution for micro components. It strongly enriches the Posalux product portfolio. The miniaturization concept of the ULTIMATE allows to integrate up to 5 axis machining center into a modular work-cell. ULTIMATE technology is focusing on small parts and sizes < 0.125 dm3 (50x50x50mm) and adding value to customers due to:
  • High Stiffness
  • High dynamic
  • High productivity
  • High accuracy
  • Floor space reduction
  • Less power consumption

Guide plate test socket both side processing in one operation

Application: Test Socket with ULTIMATE DUO

  • Increases the  productivity by up to 300%
  • Machining on both sides of the socket in one operation
  • Increases the tool life by up to 200%
  • Floor space saving of 80 %
  • Electrical energy savings of 80% or more
  • Minimal temperature influence due to 80% less power consumption
  • Dry process
  • Fully automated solution
  • Tool magazine capacity of 120 toolholders

GDI nozzle step holes by milling

FP1 Milling

GDI Valve seat with step- and sprayhole

Application : GDI Valve Seat with ULTIMATE MONO

  • Milling Ø 0.1-2 mm (typical for step hole 0.3-0.9 mm)
  • Accuracy for milling X/Y/Z +/- 20 μm
  • Accuracy for drilling X/Y/Z +/- 10 μm
  • Cycle time per workpiece (8 holes) < 11 s (e.g. for step holes milling in 1.4112, 64 HRC, dia. 500 μm, thickness 0.3 mm)
  • Increased tool life (up to 5’000 holes) due to innovative machine Design
  • Depth control +/- 5 µm
  • Integrated deburring station
  • Dry process
  • Fully automated solution

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