ULTRASPEED – The latest generation of PCB
drilling and routing machines

Ultraspeed machines Posalux
  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • One, two, three, and six stations available in single, combi, or dual version
  • X, Y and Z axis with linear motor drives
  • Workpiece format : 635 x 724 mm (25″ x 28.5″)
  • XY individual technology available on TRIO model (workpiece format : 610 x 724 mm – 24″ x 28.5″)
  • Choice from an extensive range of drilling, routing or combination spindles
  • Spindle speed range from 5’000 to 350’000 rpm
  • Tool management system with chain, Asian Tool Change (ATC) and cassette
  • New Posalux CNC 5000 – Powerful digital servo drives for rigid axis control
  • Advanced concept of Z-axis unit – Increased stiffness, reduced mass
  • New generation of multi-inserts pressure pad (IPF3) for drilling and routing
  • Second measuring system for a perfect surface detection in controlled depth routing
  • Standard and customized clamping systems
  • CCD camera for registration
  • Automation – individual loader with up to 22 levels
MONO automation

Individual Loader
Up to 22 levels

New concept of Z-axis


Reduced mass
Improved guiding ratio
Higher stiffness

IPF3 – Drilling and routing


Interchangeable Pressure Foot with 3 positions

Configuration with routing brush and large drilling insert
Configuration with small and large drilling insert
Air gap function : air flow through inserts to avoid any scratching of entry foil

Ultraspeed Versions

Machine versions

  • Single version : one machining unit per station
  • Combi version : Two different and alternating machining units per station
  • Dual version : Two identical machining units per station



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