High-tech micro-drilling and milling

MONO-CW machine
MONO-CW machine size

Combi technology with high accuracy, productivity and reliability

  • High productivity up to 500 holes/min (e.g. in Brass, diameter 500μm, depth 1200μm)
  • Process stability (running time >20 hours)
  • Easy machine maintainability
  • Milling and drilling process
  • Palletization of template up to 250 plates per loading or 2 sheets with a plate size of 560×350 mm
  • Workpiece format Area 710×560 mm
  • High speed air bearing spindle up to 200’000 rpm (vibration reduction)
  • High speed ball bearing spindle up to 60’000 rpm (high stiffness for routing)
  • Cooling process (depending on application):
    • by cold air nozzle or lubrication by microjet (mixture air-oil)
  • Dry machining technology
  • Pressure pad with suction for extracting waste chips
Front view with door open of the Posalux ULTRASPEED Mono-CW machine
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Accuracy, productivity and reliability

Designed for flexible and mass production:
  • High productivity: up to 500 holes/min (e.g. in Brass, diameter 500μm, depth 1200μm)
  • Drilling accuracy X/Y: ± 4 μm
  • Milling accuracy X/Y: ± 6 μm
  • Milling accuracy Z: ± 10 μm
  • Posalux CNC 3000
  • Linear axis system allowing high dynamic and accurate motions
  • Changeable template: for customized part clamping
  • Removable: allows part handling out of the machine, e.g. with loader :
    • Left side: sheet raw material
    • Right side: piece by piece production
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Machine Characteristics

  • X, Y and Z axes with linear motor drives
  • Tool management system with cassette, or with patented tool chain
  • Software entirely developed by Posalux
  • Spindle speed range from 5.000 up to 200.000 rpm
  • Axes acceleration up to 4 g
  • Controlled depth routing and drilling
  • Automation up to 8 levels for palletization
  • Z-mapping available for all template versions